Paul and Susan Olmstead

Our Mission

New Tribes Mission - Home Office, Sanford, FL

> Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) Training: Paul provides MPD training to our missionary candidates at our MO and Canada Missionary Training Centers to help equip them spiritually and emotionally for MPD. As well, he covers practical skills such as phone calls, presentations, presentation tables, media, etc. He also works with veterans who need to develop additional ministry partnerships.

> MPD Coaching

After training, our new missionaries next step is to raise support (MPD). Paul comes along side them as an accountability partner and shepherd (encouragement, prayer, conversations...). He provides MPD Coaching as part of member care for our veterans as well.

> Media Management

Susan serves on our Communications Team coordinating the different print media (brochures, table banners, prayer cards...), marketing materials (e.g. coffee cups, shirts...) that we utilize at the home office, as well as the 4 other USA locations (Missionary Training Center, NTM Aviation, and the two Bible schools).

Our Ministry Focus – Train, Coach, and Shepherd our new and veteran missionaries. To help them cross the bridge from preparing to go to going.

Our Ministry Goal  - NTM's passion and God's call to our ministry teams is to Reach the Unreached--over 2000 people groups--with the Gospel.  The UNREACHED as in no access to God's Word and no one with them to share His story of love and redemption.

To learn more about our ministry please visit or call us at (407) 547-2318.

Home Church: Open Door Bible, Port Washington, WI


Paul and Susan Olmstead
New Tribes Mission
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These are some small items we use frequently in our relational ministry that you can send us.
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Meeting with Missionary Candidates for Coaching, Shepherding, and Discipleship.
Meeting with Missionary Candidates for Coaching, Shepherding, and Discipleship.
Book of 10 Stamps
For thank you's, cards of encouragement, etc
Thank You Cards
When we meet with ministry partners, students, staff, churches, etc. we always send a thank you.
Book of 20 Stamps
We mail a lot of thank you cards and also "Hi" (encouragement cards)
NTM Coffee Ministry
We have members come through and take them to coffee for an off facility conversation, which is usually a more comfortable environment to discuss their support raising.
Birthday/Anniversary Cards
We send cards to the missionaries we are coaching as well as our 50+ ministry partners.
You choose the amount
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