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Have you ever heard a missionary speak at your church? They're telling you about the challenges they face and the people they've reached and been able to share the gospel with. Everything is sounding really good but you know the whole time they're going to ask for money. They're going to say they need more funding. Unfortunately this is an uncomfortable place to be in for most of us. We don't want to be faced with the decision of supporting the great commission and giving up our money.

Most people choose to keep their money for various reasons. Thoughts like "I don't have enough to give," or "I can't give enough to make any difference," flood in our minds and override our spirit's desire to give generously, out of our shortage.

These thoughts of doubt are undoubtedly a lie.

I too was in that position listening to Missionaries to India on a Sunday morning. I was seventeen living alone in New York City away from my family for the first time in my life. I wanted to give and be apart of their monthly supporters but I was barely getting all my expenses paid for. How could I commit to thirty dollars a month? As I listened to how they went about being missionaries in India, a closed country, I heard that they did things that I did in the US to build relationships with their neighbors and co-workers. Things like going out for coffee and tea and having people over for dinner. They said that they where "building bridges of trust that, when strong enough, would support the truth".

As he elaborated about his coffee friend he said that over the years they've been in India they had probably had over 300 cappuccino's.

It was right then that God spoke to me and said "I want you to buy all those cappuccino's so my worker can take this man out for coffee... find a way." After the service I went up to them and told them what I wanted to do and what I heard God say and I asked them how much a cappuccino was in India. "About $1.50", he said. I was amazed, I could buy a lot of Cappuccino's over time at that price and I knew I was making a difference in both the missionary's life and budget, and also in the life of a man I didn't even know but who needs this relationship tremendously.

That day my life changed and I began to pursue what God had told me to do. This simple task developed into a online forum for all Christian missionaries to show and offer the small relational items they use every day to make connections with the people. These items would then be able to be bought by people who want to give but don't. Along with your simple gift of a cup of coffee or tea, dinner with a neighbor, a book to read, or simply 5 bucks for can send a message of support and encouragement.

You can give, you can make a difference be it once a month or everyday, you can.

This is!

We are dedicated to be a business above reproach by making sure 100% of any and all money sent to a missionary gets to that missionary and that they know what its for and who its from. Just how God took one boy's small lunch and multiplied it for thousands to eat we want to see God multiply our small gifts for thousands to hear the good news!

If God's calling you to support our efforts in this project, you can see some of our regular costs at the top of this page.  God has been faithful to give us all we've needed so far and we trust that He's going to continue.


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