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My husband Elyse and I (Tracy) started a church plant in May 2017, which first began as a Wednesday night Bible study, and now has grown into a Wednesday night Bible study with dinner provided, and every week Sunday church services in our home. My husband is the pastor and I am leading Sunday school. The people that live around us are mostly poor, single mothers, who do not have regular jobs, and their children are malnourished and struggling to go to school regularly. When the parents are absent, our church is filled with children and teens, and we are doing our best to share the Good News with them, as life in Madagascar is not easy. WE NEED YOUR HELP! By providing a BIBLE, these families can have the Word of God in their homes, as most are too poor to buy a Bible (many do not have one to read at home), and we see that many of the children are eager to read the Bible. By providing RICE, you are ensuring that these families eat at least one hearty meal per week, as many struggle to have food on a daily basis. By providing a SONG BOOK, you are helping the people of our church participate in the weekly meetings and learn worship songs that they can sing at home with their families. Thank you so much for partnering with us in this amazing ministry in Madagascar! Please pray for us as we seek the Lord in providing a church building and more leaders in this new and growing church!


Elyse and Tracy Rakotomalala
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Partner with us

These are some small items we use frequently in our relational ministry that you can send us.
You can give
Bibles in Malagasy
Most who attend our church don't have Bibles, so we'd use them for Wednesday and Sunday church, and gift some to the families who do not have a Bible at home.
Song books
Song books for church services so that the people can learn the songs we sing each week both Wednesdays and Sundays and sing them later at home with their families!
Rice that we cook weekly to feed the families that come Wednesday Nights, as most struggle to have food on a daily basis, and for some this is the most hearty meal they eat all week.
You choose the amount
Give a gift of any amount of money with a personalized message

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