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Our Mission

I serve the most vulnerable groups in hard to reach locations in Nigeria. Serving them with exam-plenary love that directly preaches the word of God to change heart-of-stones especially those recruited and are vulnerable to recruitment by Boko Haram and other armed violent groups, extremists and insurgent groups. Our continued works is critical now more than ever, as we forge to provide and share the true meaning of the love of God through giving people room to experience Jesus. By this, we have won and saved many souls and will continue to do more if you can support my works now.Though challenging, but God is helping in the shadows of His wings. I work through displaced people camps, especially those displaced by religious insurgent in the northern part of Nigeria by Boko Haram. We provide first aid humanitarian service to victims especailly children and pregnant women. We provide food, clothings and first aid. We also give support to affected pastors and families that are prosecuted and are displaced at camps. I see virgin opportunities in thses camps to display the love of Christ to those who never heard or knew about Him, to do so.

I offer improvised/makeshift school for children forced out of school due to insurgent, give relief items to both Christians and Muslims and establish relationship for sustainability of the word.We are because they are, they are because we are. Let love lead us. Please support me.


Dennis Ekwere
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Partner with us

These are some small items we use frequently in our relational ministry that you can send us.
You can give
10 packets of pencils
to be distributed to children at displaced person's camp, so as to encourage them to learn and write.
20 dozens of Exercise books
to be distributed to children at displaced person's camp, so as to avail them opportunity to learning.
100 pairs of school sandals
to be given out to children at camps and make hope alive in them.
Water guards/purifiers drops
To purify water for drinkable water at camps
Biblical Story Books
To buy children biblical story books for distribution to non believers ans new believers at the camps.
Help to abducted Miss Leah family
Miss Leah is from poor home and is a christian. She is among the 110 abducted school girls by Boko Haram in Dapchi, NIgeria. Recently, Boko Haram has released 104 abducted girls after negotiation with Government, claiming that 5 of the girls died in custody. But miss Leah is the only one held back by the insurgent group on the basis that Miss Leah has refused to renounce Christianity. Please add up voice in prayers for her safety and release. Meanwhile, I will love to visit the family and encourage them. With little gift along the visit, faith can be strengthen and I pray you'll be a friend in help for little miss Leah now.
You choose the amount
Give a gift of any amount of money with a personalized message

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