Corina Paun

My Mission

I am a Bible Translator in Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea, living with the peoples-groups of Kewo-Meba and Meine. My activities involve Public Reading of Scriptures in Tok Pisin and Kewo-Meba (tribal language), Bible teaching and discipleship, providing training for the villagers in literacy and Bible translation and translation work with a team of 15 nationals. For that, I have to live among the Nomane, in their hamlets, as they live.

Nomane is a remote and rugged area in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, with no infrastructure, no electric power, no stores or other resources, and access to the villages is only by foot and by use of small planes, which are able to land on a short and steep airstrip.

Your gifts help in taking the Word of God to over 12,700 Nomane men, women and children.

May the Nomane be filled wiht the knowledge of the glory of God.





Corina Paun
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Partner with us

These are some small items we use frequently in our relational ministry that you can send us.
You can give
Audio Bibles
Subsidized solar powered devices playing Scriptures recorded into mother tongue for illiterate and literate Nomane to hear and believe
Tok Pisin Bible
Bible in Malaysian Pidging - Papua New Guinea official lanaguage
10 kg Rice bag
Eye Glasses
Most Nomane have poor eye sight and they have no way to procure glasses
You choose the amount
Give a gift of any amount of money with a personalized message

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