Chris ODell

Our Mission

I'm the site coordinator at an Envision (with the Christian and Missionary Alliance) site in Taipei Taiwan called The Aroma. First, we've started a coffee shop as a gateway for the community in which we are in, hoping that it will form a sort of handshake between the people we're trying to reach. Second, we're planting a church in which people can hear the gospel message and be raised up as leaders of a generation of people in Taiwan. Our church ministries include worship services, weekly small groups, prayer nights, outreach nights, and a growing discipleship program. We have a high value of personal relationships. Our third step is operating a missionary sending and receiving center in which short-term missionaries from around the world come to Taiwan to help and receive training. Also, people from Taiwan learn how to live missionally and get prepared for short-term and long-term missions endeavors.

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Chris ODell
Christian and Missionary Alliance
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Partner with us

These are some small items we use frequently in our relational ministry that you can send us.
You can give
Come in: A cup of coffee
Lots of high schoolers and college aged students can't afford to come to the Aroma everyday, but with your help, we can invite them to come more often. As they come, they'll build relationships with our ministry team and hear about Jesus.
Get empowered: Discipleship Materials
We designed a bi-lingual course that is used to share the gospel and begin to disciple young people in our area. After taking the course, one young man commented, "I just want to know more about God now." We haven't yet fully paid for the design and we need to print more copies.
Go out: Short-Term Experience
We want to give some of our friends who have just started believing in Jesus an opportunity to go on a short-term trip for two days. This gets them halfway there.
Learn and Grow: Chinese Lesson
One hour of one on one Chinese helps newcomers to Taiwan learn culture, make friends, share truth
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