Missionary Security

We take missionary security very seriously. You should too.

"Why?" you may ask...

Some missionaries have missionary visas so the government knows they're missionaries and all their friends know they're missionaries so they aren't concerned about security. But that's not the case for most missionaries. Many missionaries are in countries that don't give missionary visas or don't want to be known as a "missionary" among the people God's called them to for a variety of reasons. We understand, respect, and honor these concerns. You should too.

What do we do to respect missionaries' concerns?

We've had missionaries' security concerns in mind while creating forafriend. We are dedicated to make this site a blessing to those who can be open about what they're doing and those who can't.

If you're a missionary who has security concerns because of your location or the nature of the work you're doing, here's what we'll do to keep you secure:

  • Force your browser to request all pages of our website using https encryption
  • Prevent search engines from indexing your profile page and therefore linking your name with forafriend
  • Only showing information you've chosen to make public
  • Give you the ability to take your profile offline with one click.
  • Filter words out of your emails that might possibly create suspicion if your emails are being monitored

You must also take your own precautions according to your needs which can include:

  • Using a fake name for your public name OR
  • Only posting your continent and not your country
  • Not posting any info you want to keep private (such as email addresses, photos, mailing address, etc)
  • Keeping your profile non-indexable by search engines (which it already is by default)

What should non-missionary forafriend users know?

We do everything we can do respect missionaries' security concerns, but there's a few things you should keep in mind:

  • On forafriend, missionaries who have told us they have security concerns are indicated by a little lock icon. Assume the others don't want the whole world to know everything about them either.
  • Never post anything on the internet about a missionary without their permission - even if you found it on the internet originally. This includes forafriend profiles. They are not searchable, but if you copy info to another site that is searchable, that's a problem.
  • If you know more about a missionary than they're publicly listing, keep it to yourself. There's a good reason they haven't made it public.
  • Pray for the missionaries on forafriend, especially those who are concerned about their security.

Have other ideas for how we can help?

Use the 'Contact' link at the bottom of this page and tell us about it.