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David's "Mighty" Men

Published 2013-06-11

In 2 Samuel 23:8-39 a list of names is given after the death of King David of the men who lead with him in battle and governing. They have been recorded down on the pages of scripture as David's mighty men. They were a group of men loyal to David during his times of trouble and trail. They lived with him in caves. They starved and thirsted along side him. Fought the enemies of Israel with him. And ran for their sorry lives throughout the country from King Saul with their Leader David. The abandoned their lives and risked their lives to be with him and to follow him. They didn't have home or comfort until David was brought into his Kingdom as King in glory and honor. Then they too received glory and honor and were made officials and rulers over Israel by David their King. They became famous known for their courage. They are apart of God's word and revelation of himself to the world through all of history. But who are they and where did they come from? There is one verse that may give us some insight into the orgin of these men and it might surprise you the find out. Way back when David first fled from Saul and was hiding at Adullam and Mizpah in 1 Samuel 22 and in verse 2 it say's "All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gather around him and he became their leader. About four hundred men were with him." Could these be David's mighty men. These poor, stressed out, unhappy men, who left their king and country and aligned themselves with a nomadic war party on the run. Possibly is certainly within God's nature to take disgruntle, indebted, and depressed people and turn them into the hero's of a nation.  
In my distress and discouragement  this thought gives me comfort. That God would take the undesirable rejects of society and make men of renown strength, courage, and zeal. Not only can God take the down and out and make them the exalted and in power but it seems to me that its how he most typically chooses to work. It pleases him to take the least likely and do the impossible and leave the most likely in their self sufficiency. It magnifies himself and his greatness. He chooses the weak to confound the strong and the foolish to confound the wise. 
But this thought also convicts me in my pride of how I see myself as better than others and discount many from service. In the way I desire to execute my tactical plans to accomplish great things for "his kingdom", forgetting that the greatness in his eyes is measured in humility, faith, and sacrifice not in size, or plans, or money. 

So David the youngest shepherd boy and his indebted, depressed friends became the crown and joy of Thumbnailthe nation. They were richly blessed and have been a rich blessing to countless generations. 


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