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What's Honor?

Published 2013-05-09

If honor means to make heavy it implies that in order to honor someone you must make them heavy to you, not fat but subtanial, meaningful, weighty.  Honor is not necessarily something one inerrantly has for we could find many reasons anyone shouldn't have honor. Therefore if someone should have honor it is only because someone else has given that person honor making what they say, what they do, who they are more important and meaningful than themself. One must make himself less than in order to make someone greater than. To honor someone requires a lowering of self. For most cultures even today this is simply a natural understanding of living for nature shows age, and presidence through the basic principles of life. But our western society has stripped most these natural positions where honor is due in order to elavate the individual. We have been indoctrinated by a self honoring society that has left us with no more honor then what we give ourselves. But self honor is really no honor at all. To be truly honored you must first put down your own life to honor others and this not just a few times but for life times. As long as my parents live, I must honor them, as long as my teachers live, I must honor them, as long as my elders live, I must honor them. And more than this if we are to live with honor we should be like Jesus who made himself nothing and took on the nature of a slave to honor everyone.


God has come down to earth and then he came further down to wash our feet, and then he came further down to die in our place.  "We see Jesus who was made a little lower than the angels, now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death," (Hebrews 2:9 emphasis added) 

Our perfect example is God inThumbnail the flesh Jesus Christ who honored us daily and did not seek his own honor here not even his own pleasures Romans 15:3 saids "For even Christ did not please himself but as it is written: The insults of those who insult you have fallen on me." Not only didn't he seek his own honor but instead sought to soak up the wrongs done to others.  


Honor, if you sow sparingly you'll reap sparingly.

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