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The Principle of Resistance

Published 2013-08-08 00:47:14 UTC


How can you recognize the voice and prompting of God? Some say they know its God when they have total peace over what's being asked of them. Other's say they know when it's confirmed through scripture. Then there's people who say God will only ask them to do things that they have the ability, gifting, and desire to do. And some have gone so far as to say know that it was God because everything worked out perfectly. Now I'm not going to say that God doesn't lead people in those way's but I would like to propose and challenge this kind of thinking with a way to discern the Voice of God. I call it the principle of resistance and I have come to be trained by it. Probably 8 out of every 10 things I hear God telling me I recognize it as Him because it is immediately met by some level of inner resistance. Not because its a bad things to do but because it is in fact a good thing to do and there is nothing good in me. God's good deed is met by my selfish flesh and resistance is its natural response.


David's "Mighty" Men

Published 2013-06-11 00:17:42 UTC

David's mighty men are famous in Israel known for their strength and courage and faithfulness to Israel's most famous King. They were hero's and ruler's. I imagine they were surrounded by the finest things while at home and maintain authority over much. The praises of the local people rang out as they went about their daily lives. But where did these great men come from?

What's Honor?

Published 2013-05-09 21:54:43 UTC

Today it seems like we don't give much thought to honoring others. As American's we're taught that we're equals with everyone at less in theory because in reality we're always elevating ourselves above certain people we deem less than us but to others who are in some way greater than us, we approach and talk to like they're our equals. We believe ourselves to be the same and so we treat our teachers, bosses, elders, pastors, parents, and whatever other leader you may have with an air of flippancy. Students, employee's, the inexperienced, congregants, and children have no problem with speaking to and treating those who are naturally above them as if they weren't but as light and easy like a common person. But honor in the bible actually means to make heavy.  

Don't leave church sad

Published 2013-05-02 11:37:25 UTC

For many of us, a weekly routine is something we're use to. Our work schedule, family time, errands, house work, social life, and sleep are all crammed into our 168 hour week. And rolled right into our crazy lives at the end of every week is church. One to two hours every Sunday morning we're checking off that last "to do" in our mental weekly routine. Every week we hear some worship music, a sermon, talk with some people, smile at a whole lot more people, and bolt. The truth is that many of us in churches across the country are leaving church the same way we came in: sad.


Published 2013-04-29 00:04:48 UTC

We have been conditioned to in this society to hold back our fear in order to protect ourselves from the danger of being found out. Monsters on the big screen can smell fear and killers will find you if you eek out the slightest sound. So wisdom in fear is shown to be keeping silent and not expressing the fear within because to do so would put one in greater danger. But the ultimate manifestation of fear shows no regard for ones own safety. The scream lets go of every inhibition that keeps us bound up in fear and gives way to release our deepest emotions without concern for oneself.

Scarcity vs Abundance

Published 2013-04-11 15:55:18 UTC

Are you living out of a mentality of scarcity or abundance. Scarcity say’s you have to protect and fight to keep what you got. Abundance say’s there’s more than enough for you and everyone else. Scarcity spends rigidly and obsesses over every decision. Abundance gives of itself freely and generosity believing that God is the one who gives us everything and will provide us with all we need.