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Jonathon Edwards used a gift of ''Lunch at a fast food restaurant ''.
Jonathon Edwards was given 'Child/Youth Bible'.
04.22 were given 'donation'.
Chris ODell were given 'Come in: A cup of coffee' and 'Learn and Grow: Chinese Lesson'.
Scott was given '1 Spanish Bible' and 'Gallon of gas'.


  • Forafriend has been such a blessing to me and the ministry here in South Africa. Every gift is an encouragement towards relational ministry which is so important in showing others the love of Jesus Christ.
    — Sarah
  • ForaFriend has been a great blessing our ministry here in Bolivia. I've been able to spend invaluable time sharing Christ with people. Along with faithfully praying for us & our ministry here, the special gifts given to our ministry have allowed us to reach out to many more people with the most important message that they'll ever receive.
    — Kevin White
  • I was excited when I learned about For-A-Friend! I think it’s great they’ve recognized missionaries who are specifically called by God to serve in relational ministries! I love how simple they've made it for people to provide one-time financial gifts to us, as we serve around the world. Imagine my thrill when I received my first gift!
    — Deb

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I am a part of Iglesia Centro Cristiano de fe _ Betesda (Betesda - FCC) located in La Legua, Catacaos located in northern Peru, just outside the city of Piura. I minister to children and youth through Bible Classes and other outreaches. We now have a 2nd location in Villa La Clave.
works through Elim Fellowship in Peru